Reading and Writing Websites                                                                     - This website includes suggested activities and strategies, plus a specific section on tutoring tips to help students learn to read. - FREE, professionally-designed, education material for beginning readers. - Literacy activities, lesson plans, handouts, certificates, and other resources to engage emerging readers. - Literacy screening and learning activities online and printable.–murraba/spellings.htms - English phonemes, spellings, example words, and meaningful names. - read every day. - Tutoring strategies for the primary grades. - Tutor guides to early literacy.

Math Skills - Khan Academy provides free videos that walk throught the steps of numerous math problems, from simple addition to calculus.  You can track your child's progress by logging in to the site.  It also has SAT and CAHSEE test prep and covers some science subjects. - Specific tips for tutoring in mathematics. - Coolmath was designed for everyone, from the frustrated, confused student, to the kids who love math! - This site allows you to create math worksheets, practice facts, and play logic games. - Math Goodies is a free math help site featuring interactive lessons. - Enrich mathematical understanding with Math Cats.  This is an interactive website that provides math explorations, trivia, and classroom activities for all ages. - This site explains 600 common mathematical terms in simple language using animation and other techniques. - Provides math calculators for all sorts of applications, from climate to shopping, cooking, saving money, converting measurements, and more. - Over 6,000 printable PDF worksheets for students in grades K-12.  These are organized by topic, standard, or grade level.