GATE Resources

California Association for the Gifted (CAG)

National Association for Gifted Children
NAGC is a non-profit organization of parents, teachers, educators,community leaders and other professionals who unite to address the unique needs of all children and youth with demonstrated gifts and talents as well as those who may be able to develop their talent potential with appropriate educational experiences.


American Association for the Development of the Gifted and Talented

The Association for the Gifted (TAG)-a division of the Council for Exceptional Children

Center for Creative Learning
(offers publications, training programs, support and consulting on creativity, problem solving, learning styles)

Children's Literature
Children's Literature reviewers read and critically review more than 3,000 books annually. Our mission is to help teachers, librarians, childcare providers and parents make appropriate literary choices for children. Founded in 1993 by Marilyn Courtot, a trained librarian, the review staff has grown to more than 125. (Note especially the weekly "Book Sense Bestseller Lists.")

The Coretta Scott King Award Book List
The Coretta Scott King Award is presented annually by the Coretta Scott King Task Force of the American Library Association's Social Responsibilities Round Table. Recipients are authors and illustrators of African descent whose distinguished books promote an understanding and appreciation of the "American Dream."

The Council for Exceptional Children

Destination ImagiNation is an international organization for kindergarten through college students teaching them life skills and expanding their imaginations through team based creative problem solving.

Edutopia Online
A nonprofit organization that documents and disseminates stories about exemplary practices in K-12 public education.

Future Scientists and Engineers of America (FSEA) is a national non-profit organization which provides the structure, project material, documentation and workshop training necessary to establish after school technology clubs in K-12 schools. The FSEA program focuses on technology and can easily and readily be implemented in every school.

Gifted Education Resource Institute (GERI)
(programs for gifted children, camps, youth programs)

GT World

Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth
Focused within 19 US states and internationally in 70 countries, CTY's Talent Search helps families learn more about their child's math and verbal abilities.

Lexile Framework for Reading
The Lexile Framework™for Reading is an educational tool that links text and readers under a common metric without subjective evaluation. The Lexile Framework is objective in that it transcends the group measured -- readers are not measured against other readers, instead they are measured against an invariant standard text. The Lexile Framework characterizes a reader with a measure (a Lexile) and characterizes text with a measure (also a Lexile), allowing educators to forecast the level of comprehension a reader will experience with a particular text. Teachers can evaluate their curriculum based on each student's ability to comprehend the materials. 

The National Foundation for Gifted and Creative Children

The National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented (NRC/GT)

National Spelling Bee
The nation’s largest and longest-running educational promotion, administered on a not-for-profit basis.

Odyssey of the Mind
The Odyssey of the Mind School Program fosters creative thinking and problem-solving skills among participating students from kindergarten through college.

Peggy Sharp on Literature
Peggy Sharp is an expert on children's literature and how to motivate children to read. Look at the "What's New In Children's Books" for lists of well-written and popular books for kids.

Prufrock Press, Inc. "Journals & Magazines"
A leading publisher supporting the education of gifted children.

Science Olympiad

Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted, Inc. (SENG)

Stonesoup Children's Magazine
Stone Soup is a magazine that publishes children's work.

Word Master Challenge
A national competition for students in grades 3-8 which encourages growth in vocabulary and verbal reasoning.



Berkeley Summer Education Programs

Stanford Education Program for Gifted Youth

Tech Camps - Technology Summer Camps

UCI Writing Summer Youth Program