Technology • Literacy • Character

It is our mission to instill in students the technical skills to succeed in the world of tomorrow, the power to think and express themselves clearly, and the values necessary to act well, appreciate life, and contribute to society.


  • internet accessed, fully networked multimedia devices allocated to classrooms 
  • a mobile laptop computer lab using "airport" technology available for classroom checkout
  • laptop computers provided for every teacher
  • each teacher has been issued a laptop computer to use at school or at home
  • portable LCD projectors for use in the classrooms
  • Interactive Smart Boards in every classroom


  • a library/media center that includes over 17,000 titles and 12 networked, internet accessible, multimedia computers
  • an internet based library circulation program that gives students access to library records from their classrooms as well as home computer
  • Accelerated Reader Internet based reading comprehension program which includes a reading list posted on our web site
  • well stocked, leveled classroom libraries
  • classroom sets of literature titles which include literature response questions


  • 5th and 6th grade students can participate in Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Program, which is integrated with Student Council
  • students are recognized for demonstrating outstanding character development
  • primary classes work with partners in our Big Buddy program


The success of Melinda Heights Elementary School lies in the clarity of our vision, the dedication of the staff and community, and the enduring support shared by all.  Above all, the true strength of Melinda heights is that love that is shared among and between the adults and children.  As our mascot is the Mountain Lion, the school community refers to this love as, "The Power of the Paw."