Science lab - Lil Scientist

The Lil Scientist program provides standards-based labs which coincide with the science curriculum taught in the classroom. Mrs. Rosser leads the class in hands-on activities that make learning relevant and authentic. The science lab offers an engaging and enriching opportunity for our students to apply what they learn in science in the classroom. This program is paid for by the PTA.



Meet the Masters

Meet the Masters has over 30 years of history of providing interactive, multi-media art education to elementary school students worldwide.  As a leading art program, Meet the Masters has introduced 35 Master Artists to more than 3 million students that range from K-8 and beyond. This program is paid for by the PTA.



Anaheim Ducks Physical Education Program

Students in the fourth grade gear up and participate in street hockey as part of the Anaheim Ducks S.C.O.R.E. Physical Education Program.