The Melinda Heights Students Council is an organization of student leaders who work together with teachers to promote a positive school spirit and support the school and community.  Our Student Council Officers are student leaders who have been elected by the student body.  Elections are held in the fall of each school year.  Students may apply to become a candidate if they meet the qualifications which are listed in the Officer’s Eligibility Information handout.  If students meet the eligibility requirements and meet all deadlines as outlined on the form their names will be placed on a primary election ballot.  Once results are tallied a final slate of officers will be established.   Students who reach this stage in the election process will have the opportunity to campaign for votes and speak in front of all the fifth and sixth graders in the school prior to the final election.

This information is being posted to insure that all parents and students understand the process and that fifth graders are aware that their eligibility will be based upon the grades that they receive during fifth grade.  Interested students should begin early in their school career to insure that they are in a position to run for office in the fall of their sixth grade year.

In addition to the student council officers, all fifth and sixth grade classrooms elect class representatives. These class representatives keep the school informed about school wide activities through announcements in their own room and their buddy classroom. 

Everyone on the council works together to lead the school in spirit days, community events, and fundraising activities.  Participation on Student Council allows the students to become involved in school affairs and solidifies a partnership between the staff and the students.  If you would like further information please review the application process and/or contact Mrs. Corea or Mrs. Trammell, the Student Council Advisors.